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Greece offers an unblemished mythological allure, ancient culture and contemporary luxury resorts


The allure of Greece has, thankfully, not been altered by its recent economic misfortunes. Greece is and always will be a country synonymous with culture, mythology, pristine butter-soft beaches, mountainous interiors and of course, the many coveted islands that rival any in the Mediterranean…not to mention meze, pungent feta, gut-stripping ouzo, and pure hedonism!

Greece is punctuated, quite formidably, by the marks of its thrilling history. Whether you choose to take in a cultural excursion for one or more days; a boat ride to an island where you stay for a week; a hike in the interior under cloudless winter blue sky, you will feel the richness of its past with timeless awe.  There is nothing quite like an ancient ruin sun-kissed in the dawn or dusk light and, fortunately, the sun is one of Greece’s star attractions.

Whilst we are still building up our Greek portfolio, our focus is on the Peloponnese, a large peninsula in the south of Greece and the birthplace of well-versed legends and ancient civilization. The history of this beautiful countryside, caressed by a striking Aegean Sea, embraces the Mycenaeans, Spartans, Romans, Venetians and the Byzantines. With such rich pickings it is easy to see why the Peloponnese is one of the greatest jewels in Greece’s glittering crown.

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