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5-star guide to Tinos

Situated between Athens and Mykonos in the Cyclades archipelago, Tinos has been a stopping-off point for travellers to the Aegean for centuries, but those that choose to linger a while discover one of Greece's most beautiful islands, with wonderful beaches and distinctive, almost cubist, architecture.

A naturally sculpted landscape, Tinos has peaks and valleys to create varied vistas. Beyond the busy streets of Hora, the main port town, you will find small villages dotted across the countryside, with secluded turquoise bays, dry stone wall boundaries and a Venetian legacy of keeping dovecotes.

Tinos was coined the 'handmade island' in the 20th century, due to the craftsmanship of the island's most mundane things - even door lintels and 'For sale' signs are not painted here, they are carved in marble. This is an island that has been lovingly crafted from stone and its own creative traditions.

Tinos' artistic flair is not just restricted to marble. Tinos' cuisine is said by some to be amongst the best in the Greek islands. The sandy soil helps to protect the terroir from disease, producing small quantities of wonderful Malagousia wines from vineyards such as Domaine de Kalathas and Volacus. A unique kariki blue cheese is made by maturing the cheese for 6 months in a pumpkin, developing a Roquefort flavour and parmesan texture! The deli-cum-tavernas found in the villages across the island are an Aladdin's cave of local delicacies and delicious treats. This is an island for gourmets of Greek cuisine.

The relaxed and sociable feel of Tinos provides a wonderful holiday setting, and when staying in a villa, like Villa Claricia, you are able to feel at home and fully immerse yourself in local life.