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The Peloponnese

A legendary location

The Peloponnese
The Peloponnese
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The whitewashed houses and majestic ruins are two contrasting aspects of this stunning landscape. 

To the south, we find the Peloponnese, a large peninsula in the south of Greece and the birthplace of well-versed legends and ancient civilization. The history of this beautiful countryside, caressed by a striking Aegean Sea, embraces the Mycenaeans, Spartans, Romans, Venetians and the Byzantines. With such rich pickings it is easy to see why the Peloponnese is one of the greatest jewels in Greece’s glittering crown.

Amanzoe is a stunning resort found amongst olive grove covered hillsides of Kranidi. Its design draws on Greece's rich architecutural history, with buildings reminiscent of ancient temples and its location placing it high about the Aegean Sea, much like the Acropolis above Athens.