Choosing the right luxury destination

There are a multitude of reasons we feel the need to escape and to travel. At times we see the world as our oyster and simply spin the globe to see where it lands. Some of us feel safe going to places that we are familiar with, while others enjoy stepping outside our comfort zone to venture off the beaten track and experience treasures hidden within the unknown.

Whatever the reason you choose to take flight, at Luxury Explorer we want to inspire and guide you: with the right choice of destination; the best luxury hotel to suit your mood; and getting the most out of the experience of being somewhere special. All our experiences are first-hand and our expert luxury hotel reviews and videos are genuine interpretations of what we've experienced.

For far-flung destinations, we cover many exotic hideaways which offer a myriad of life enhancing experiences, and all in supreme comfort. These trips may take you beyond your expectations, the results of which are deeply rewarding. Our top exotic destinations include: Bali, Carribean, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives and Morocco, but we also think you should consider life-changing journeys to lesser known destinations such as Bhutan and Laos.

In Europe we have selected the finest 5-star luxury hotels in France, UK, Italy and beyond, where you can enjoy stunning surroundings, the finest cuisine and pampering luxury, while our luxury villas in Italy and Thailand make the perfect settings for memorable family holidays or private celebrations with family or friends.

If you are looking for a private luxury villa, our Italian Collection spans the Amafi Coast, Lake Como, Tuscany, Sardinia and Umbria. For exotic escapes we have handpicked some exceptional villas in Thailand and Bali.

In many cities worldwide we have cherry-picked the most coveted 5-star hotels, from bijoux boutique to grand luxe and have, in many instances, reviewed fabulous restaurants, must-see landmarks, as well as some ‘off the open market’ opportunities. Top cities include London, Florence, Paris, New York, Rome and Venice. So, we are of the opinion that the world really is your oyster, but how you choose to experience its pleasures comes down to one vital ingredient: opportunity. This is what we would like to offer you at Luxury Explorer, the right time, place and occasion for your luxury travel window on the world.

Offering expert advice, our concierge service is available to guide you with itineraries, availability and book rooms at guaranteed best available rates.