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Spain, as a nation, is accustomed to the simple luxuries of fine food and wine and, of course, an excellent climate


Favourite 5-star hotels in Spain

Spain is the third most visited nation in the world (after France and the USA) and it's easy to see why. Yes, the country is often synonymous with sun, sand and sangria, yet there is a far more sophisticated side that is appreciated by the discerning luxe-trotter.

Spain's delicious cuisine seduces with picancy, flavour and freshness, and can be found everywhere from rustic tapas bars to Michelin-starred showstoppers. As well as giving the world the likes of Velázquez, Picasso and Miro, the great cities of Madrid and Barcelona have some of the best art galleries you will ever visit. Spain is also blessed with an incredibly diverse natural beauty, with rugged mountains in the south, an unfathomably green north and beautifully colourful landscapes in the Balearic Islands such as Mallorca.

Luxury Explorer's selection of Iberian delights, from 5-star city hotels to island paradises, is sure to get pulses racing faster than a flamenco.