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Sparsely populated by people, Botswana hosts an unequalled array of wildlife across the Okavango Delta


5-star safari guide to Botswana

Landlocked in the South East of Africa is Botswana. One of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, Botswana is nonetheless home to remarkable seasonal diversity, from barren saltpans through to lily littered lagoons, luscious swamps, and open forests.

See it all from the vantage point of five-star luxury, as we offer up the chance to stay at splendid lodgings along the inlets of the famous Okavango Delta. The Delta is one of the largest in Africa, and has recently been given its rightful place in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. As winter approaches, relaxing on the Havana of a game reserve, you can see droves of exotic wildlife migrate over to one of the world’s most unique wetland ecosystems.

Spend your days snaking through the reeds in a mokoro (traditional canoe), as an expert companion gives you a breakdown of wildlife from the giant eagle to the busy bee-eater. You can also enjoy the heat of the wilderness in a 4X4 before camping by bushfire when the sun sets followed by a night under the stars. You can also choose to simply relax on your balcony, overlooking the magical spectacle of antelopes, elephants and herds of wildebeest. Whichever your preferred medium of travel, with over five hundred and fifty recorded species making an appearance over the year, you’ll be sure not to be disappointed.