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Favourite 5-star resorts in Mozambique

It isn't surprising that Mozambique, with its vast and varied coastline, is a country inherently tied to the Indian Ocean. Explorers, since spice traders and buccaneers, have been drawn to its miles and miles of golden sand beaches and aquamarine waters with reefs teeming with marine life.

Some say Mozambique's beaches spoil you for life. And with a coastline of 1535 miles, the Indian Ocean certainly makes its mark on this country, with crashing waves, hot sun and expansive dunes. Today, Mozambique is, once again, becoming a destination for explorers: beach lovers, divers and romantics seeking secluded luxury island resorts.

Divers, in particular, love Mozambique because its pristine reefs are some of the best in the world, with mesmerising marine life, from reef fish to humpback whales and whale sharks, not fogetting the multitude of manta rays in the Mozambique channel.

Mozambique's islands are also truly captivating, especially the Bazaruto Archipelago of five small islands, a short helicopter ride from Vilanculos. Our current favourite is Benguerra Island, the second largest - a truly romantic Robinson Crusoe experience, perfect for honeymoons or escape-from-it-all holidays.

Mozambique is ideal twinned with an African Safari, like &Beyond Dulini River Lodge, with scheduled and private flights easily arranged between Johannesburg and the Kruger National Park.