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At the heart of Africa, Zambia teems with superlative wildlife and 5-star scenery


Favourite 5-star safaris in Zambia

Lying landlocked to the North by the mountaneous valleys of Tanzania, and to the East and South by shimmering floodplains, is Zambia, home to many feats of nature; not least one of The Seven Wonders of the World, The Victoria Falls.

Zambia offers prime examples of nature’s diversity. Seen from the serenity of the lowly plateaus that surround the Zambezi River along it’s meandering tale, through the haze of mist, to the mesmerising force unveiled in the rushing waters of the Victoria Falls, Zambia represents some of the most exhilarating wonders of the natural world.

You can take in the short-grass plains of the Luangwa Valley, from the comforts of a massage table in a 5 star luxury lodge, to a guided dialogue with hippos and Thornicroft giraffes, as well as experience the incomparable jolt of adrenaline from an aerial tour of the falls’ misty breadth. Zambia and Royal Chundu have you covered with the perfect 5 star safari holiday.