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About us

Luxury Explorer® aims to inspire you to travel to extraordinary places.

How do we define 'luxury travel'?

We have a simple definition of 'luxury travel' which guides our selection of luxury hotels, resorts and villas and resonates with discerning travellers all over the world. We look for a unique and inspiring sense of place, plus space, privacy, comfort and flawless service. As ardent foodies we also expect outstanding cuisine and well chosen wines.

We search the world for 5-star hotels and resorts and luxury villas that fulfill this criteria. We find that big hotel chains rarely match our definition of luxury, so most of our collection are individual hotels or part of smaller groups. Our personal luxury hotel and villa reviews guide you towards places where truly unique experiences can be enjoyed, be it a mesmerising view, superlative style, an extraordinary restaurant, a destination spa or a window into another culture. All offer cosseting comfort and exceptional service.

We believe we can achieve our goal because we are truly different. No-one is more passionate or more rigorous in searching out, assessing and commenting on the very best luxury hotels and resorts around the World. As a result we know our hotel partners, literally, inside-out, as evidenced by our expert reviews and LE Video Guides.

Our team

Our editorial and concierge teams are knowledgeable and experienced and will guide you and organise your trips, helping you book the right rooms and suites to avoid disappointment or inconvenience. Our website aims to be the easiest, most inspiring way to discover extraordinary destinations around the globe, whether you are visiting on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

With first-hand insights, our travel editors describe their experiences to help guide your decisions and, increasingly, make video journals of their stays. From these personal experiences you can tell we are anti-bland and anti-bed factory brands, so you won't find corporate chains or paid-for listings in our chosen locations.

Instead, we aim to find and feature only outstanding hotels in extraordinary places; hotels and villas you will remember long, long after you check-out. They will be places you will want to return to once you have satiated your desire to discover the next gem.