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French Polynesia

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French Polynesia
French Polynesia
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5-star hotel guide to French Polynesia

With over one hundred islands dotted across 2,000 kms of the southern Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia offers remote island paradises for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

To this day a French 'Collectivity' with French still spoken as the official language (and French cuisine still a major influence), French Polynesia offers a far-flung exotic experience in an unspoilt natural landscape of clear turquoise lagoons, teeming reefs, verdant volcanic mountains, lush tropical jungles and waterfalls galore. For divers and snorkelers there are astonishing reefs to explore, watersports are 'de rigeur' and, of course, beaches are crescents of powder-soft sand with palms swaying in gentle breezes.

Although far away, French Polynesia is well connected, with all international flights routed through Tahiti, where you catch onward connections to Bora Bora, Moorea and the smaller islands.

However, just twenty minutes from Tahiti is the small atoll of Tetiaroa, the home of the Brando, which is our first choice paradise in the South Pacific. When filming 'Mutiny on the Bounty' in 1962, Marlon Brando fell in love with Tetiaroa and was determined to preserve its exotic natural assets and its culture. He made his home here on one of the islets, which formed the bones for the finest resort in the South Pacific. While he did not live to see this dream come to fruition, our review, by Sarah Surtees, brings his legacy to life.

We will be expanding our collection of 5-star resorts in French Polynesia, but The Brando sets a very high standard that few others can match.