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Regions in Kenya

5-star safari guide to Kenya

Kenya is a magical combination of tropical climate, piercing altitude, exuberant spirit, dramatic beauty in landscape and sky, with an authentic soul.

Kenya's capital Nairobi is a sprawling metropolis with a bustling centre and exquisite suburbs with nature reserves and several exceptional 5-star hotels and luxury boutique hideaways, including the legendary Giraffe Manor, Hemmingways and One Forty Eight. It is a fabulous city to top and tail your safari adventures.

When planning a 5-star safari, it is important to note there are two rainy seasons, yet much of the land is wild and arid. Kenya is equatorial, except in the lowlands of the coast, however it does not feel it. Much of it is open savannah, grassland and even desert. Its beauty is rugged, hard under foot, brittle but resistant. It is also a haven for wildlife, which is why, for many, it is the safari top spot the world over. Kenya is a little larger than France and was named after its most famous mountain, Mount Kenya, a formidable icy 17,040-foot peak, which rises almost directly out of the Equator and is the highest in Kenya and the second higheset peak in Africa. Near Mount Kenya we recommend itineraries that take in both Solio Lodge and Sasaab Camp.

The Great Lakes distinguish East and Central Africa from the rest of the continent, with Kenya featuring, perhaps, the most impressive lake in the world; Victoria Nyanza, which it shares with Tanzania and Uganda. Associated with these incredible lakes is the geological phenomenon known as The Rift Valley, a monumental fracture in the earth’s surface that stretches almost 4000 miles from the Jordan Valley, across the Red Sea into Ethiopia, before slicing like a knife through Kenya and onto Mozambique where it disappears into the Indian Ocean. &Beyond Bateleur Camp sits at the foot of the Oloololo Escarpment, one of the most spectacular rims of this extraordinary valley.

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