5-Star Hotel Guide


Beyond this country's industrial might we've found quirky traits, ancient architecture and unparalleled, mythical landscapes


Favourite 5-star hotels in China

This land is as ancient as it is quirky; no visit to China will ever be dull. Brimming with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from the Great Wall of China to the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, the country's imperial architecture is unlike anywhere else.

Throw in the world-conquering cuisine and the unique idiosyncrasies of Chinese life from impromptu waltzing in city parks to artists practising water calligraphy on street pavements and you have a travel destination that is impossible to forget.

The bustling cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are the main tourist centres, teeming with life. Yet luxe travellers do not have to venture far to find peace and tranquility, with the haven-like Aman at Summer Palace just outside Beijing.

To celebrate spirituality in all its forms, check-in to Amanfayun near Hangzhou. This old world yet luxurious retreat is surrounded by lush green bamboo groves and tea plantations, and is the perfect escape from the stresses of city life.