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A hero's refuge

Luxury Villas in Corfu

5-star guide to Corfu

Corfu has a wonderful and dramatic history, dating back to ancient times, where legendary hero Odysseus was shipwrecked off its shores. By far, one of the most popular of Greece's islands, it is easy to understand why Corfu has something for everyone. 

Corfu can appear as two different islands, depending on when you visit. In the height of the summer its landscape is drenched by the sun, but in autumn and winter months intermittent downpours feed the thirsty terroir to create perhaps the greenest of all Greek isles.

Although Corfu is a familiar destination for many travellers, its popularity has not been allowed to spoil the island. Tourist development has been restricted to specific coastal areas, allowing the rest of the coast and inland areas to remain true to its age old Corfiot heart. Here you will find quaint whitewashed villages and fertile farmland, with secluded bright blue bays.

Corfu Town, now a UNESCO World Heritage site, is best explored early in the day, when you can see the old fort in all its Byzantine glory and the new fortress (completed by the Venetians in 1558). Corfu reflects Venetian, French and British rule and this fusion of influences continues to permeate day-to-day life.

Tucked away from the crowds, Villa Luciana is our pick of Corfu's villas and is the perfect escape for a holiday with family or friends on this lovely intruiging island.