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Lake Como

In the foothills of the Alps, Lake Como is a captivating wishbone-shaped lake.

Lake Como
Lake Como

5-star guide to Lake Como

In the foothills of the Alps, just an hour’s drive from Milan, Lake Como a is a glacial wishbone-shaped lake, which has captivated the hearts of poets and romantics for centuries. In 1818, Percy Bysshe Shelley famously wrote: "This lake exceeds anything else I have ever beheld in beauty” and we can understand why this place so inspired him...

Quiet during the winter, Lake Como re-awakens in mid-March, attracting the wealthy and glamorous to its shores and pretty towns. For the luxury explorer the decision is whether to stay in a lake-view suite at one of the grand hotels or a private villa close to the lapping water. Whichever you choose you will be enraptured by the views.

In addition to selecting the lake's two finest 5-star hotels; Villa d'Este near Cernobbio in the south west and Grand Hotel Tremezzo in the middle of the lake, directly facing Bellagio; Luxury Explorer has brought together a cherry-picked collection of the most exquisite luxury villas on the shores of Lake Como, to satisfy the most discerning traveller looking for unfathomable opulence and privacy in the most idyllic setting. This is a luxury collection suited to very special vacations and memorable private celebrations.

All our luxury villas are positioned directly on the lakeside or within parks that border the lake. Beware of those that appear to be 'lakeside' when, infact, they overlook the lake from the other side of a busy road.

From our handpicked Lake Como collection, choose between aristocratic palaces like Villa Sola Cabiati, grand residences like Villa Marie Taglioni, villas with hotel services including lovely Villa Cima, or the ultimate in private lakeside luxury, the unmatched Villa la Cassinella - read our travel editor's exclusive review, 'Ladies who Lake Como'.

All our Lake Como villas are fully staffed with housekeepers and chefs are available at your request. We can even arrange stylish private launches to ferry you between your villa, restaurants and the many stylish shops.

Whether you favour spring, winter, summer or autumn, Lake Como offers a unique year-round experience, which, once enjoyed, you will yearn to be repeated.