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The National Parks

Explore the natural wonders of America's National Parks

The National Parks
The National Parks
Luxury Hotels in The National Parks

5-star hotel guide to The National Parks

The United States is a vast and beautiful country, with over 60 National Parks visited by over 300 million people each year. While National Parks are found from Alaska to Wyoming, including Hawaii, we have picked two where world-class 5-star hotels enable you to explore - and become one with - extraordinary natural landscapes, whilst also offering 5-star luxury to complement the mesmerising views. Where better can you experience the USA's natural beauty?

Yellowstone was the U.S.A.'s very first National Park, but also the first in the world. The park stretches for over 2 million acres through Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, incorporating forests, lakes, waterfalls, and the largest collection of wildlife than anywhere else in the United States. Yellowstone's famous geothermal springs and pools attract millions of visitors each year. Here you can marvel at 'Old Faithful', the most notable of the park's geysers, as it erupts in spectacular displays of the force of nature. 

Just an hour south of Yellowstone, in Wyoming, you will find the Grand Teton National Park, and here  luxury explorers will head for exquisite Amangani. Less crowded than Yellowstone, but without its hydrothermal features, Grand Teton offers a pristine eco-system with mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, forests, lakes and has the advantage of being within easy reach of Jackson Hole.

Perhaps the most famous of all of the USA's national parks is the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. The uniquely magnificent scenery of this vast landscape is beyond comparison and has rightfully earned its title as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Formed over a period of 6 million years, the canyon is one of largest gorges in the world. The park that protects this area of outstanding beauty officially opened in 1919 and welcomes more than 6 million visitors annually.

Tucked away from the viewing platforms of the Grand Canyon, in the Utah portion of the park, is the secluded and dramatically positioned Amangiri. This is a place to marvel at the dramatic desert landscape - a truly luxurious escape in this beautiful wilderness. Opening in July 2020, Camp Sarika is a five minute drive from Amangiri where 10 tented pavilions offer a true desert wilderness escape, but with access to all the facilities at Amangiri. Amangiri was our #1 luxury resort in 2019 and Camp Sarika is bound to help it retain top spot in 2020. It's a place that should be on every discerning luxury explorer's bucket list.