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Paro, Gangtey, Thimphu, Bumthang, Punaka

Travel Information

We will take care of flights and visas. It is advised that guests fly from Bangkok, Delhi or Singapore, into Paro

Top Tips

We advise that you take the Amankora journey for 7 days or more, which includes complimentary long road permits, private transfer with guide and 60 min massage

5-Star X-Factors

The Amankora journey is a wonderful way to truly experience the essence of deeply spiritual Bhutan

The Amankora Journey

Imagine a kingdom where the gross national happiness is paramount, with cultural values and traditions still intact and where Buddhism has predominated since the 7th Century. It regards all forms of sentient life as sacred creating an harmonious union with its natural environment, culminating in a uniquely thriving bio-diversity. This is Bhutan, the "Land of the Thunder Dragon", a spiritual haven landlocked in the mystical and medicinal Himalayas, inspiritingly unscathed by globalisation.

The richness of life is found in the still simplicity surrounding the remarkably untouched geophysical and biological existence in Bhutan today. Due to a sincere Buddhist belief, adhered to since the 7th Century, the co-existence of nature and nurture has resulted in a unique eco-system and a thriving mosaic of different peoples all linked by a common belief system that regards all life forms as sacred. This prevailing ethos washes the staggeringly beautiful undulating and verdurous valleys, plains, deep gorges, and mountainous landscape with a force of supreme greatness; that of genuine harmony and environmental compatibility.

Amankora, meaning 'peaceful pilgrimage', has had the good fortune to create a 'path of enlightenment' offering stays at five different lodges, nestled strategically through the pristine landscape, delivering a path of overwhelming opportunity to penetrate a lifetime.

A landlocked haven

The Kingdom of Bhutan, described as the last surviving refuge of traditional Himalayan Buddhist culture, is one of the most isolated nations in the world, landlocked between India and China, spread spectacularly throughout the Himalayas, a mountain range regarded for centuries by mystics, ascetics, scholars and philosophers, as the source of personal inner sanctity.


The entire country of Bhutan is mountainous, except for a small strip of subtropical plains in the extreme south intersected by valleys. The altitude increase rises as high as 7000 meters to the glacier-covered mountains resulting in a varying climate from subtropical to temperate to polar, with year round snow in the extreme north. The pilgrimage of Amankora has an all round seasonal climate, with dry autumn and winter months having cool temperatures, and a spring and summer that offer warm days and occasional afternoon showers that disperse the humidity.

The edifying lodges

Amankora's five nature-linked lodges, nestled along a path of edifying momentum, uncover the richness of a pristine cultural and biogenetic evolution, deeply entrenched in the spectacular Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. The journey begins and ends at Paro, completing a circular pilgrimage of enchanting spiritual reward. In the Land of the Thunder Dragon, described as the last remaining Shangri La, Amankora has designed a pilgrimage of self-awakening with the opportunity to stay at five unique, nature inspired, environmentally balanced, lodges from Paro to Bumthang and back to Paro. This circular journey yields a mesmerising physical beauty while uncovering a unique spirituality and is designed to remove the logistical detail in order to free up the mind, encompassing stays in lodges that afford a comfort and rich warmth dedicated to peace and remarkably simple pleasures.

Amankora Paro is only 30 minutes from the airport and, approaching the lodge while inhaling the sweet scent of pine, triggers the beginning of an extraordinary journey of deep discovery. There are 24 suites that contrast rustic and contemporary in serene harmony: walls made from naturally rammed earth with gently sloping rooflines and wood panelled interiors; fires burn with heartening appeal in public areas while suites have wood-burning stoves, immaculate king-size beds, and capacious terrazzo clad soaking tubs. A glass-surrounded spa provides a dreamy respite from an invigorating day.

Amankora Punakha, east of the Dochu La Pass, is accessed via a suspension bridge above the Mo Chhu (mother river) while fragrant pines and deciduous trees, displaying a spectacular array of ambers and reds in the autumn, surround the lodge. The lodge includes a traditional Bhutanese farmhouse, built as a grand residency by Her Majesty the Queen Mother, housing the intimate dining and seating areas as well as an altar for meditation. The eight suites are identical in design to Amankora Paro and set within an orange orchid looking across rich paddy fields.

Amankora Gangtey is splendidly isolated with staggering views across a misty valley near the charming village of Gangtey, set on a forested hill, surrounded by an overwhelming preserve of endangered birdlife, such as the elegant black-necked crane from Tibet. The accommodation is suitably designed under one structure with serene suite interiors.

Amankora Thimpu is a 16-suite haven secluded within a forest of enchanting blue-pines in the upper throngs of the Motithang area on the other side of the Thimpu valley. Close to the capital's fascinating sights and colourful shops, it remains peacefully quiet though offers easy access into Thimpu. The architecture, inspired by the local 'dzong' style, displays tall, whitewashed stone buildings, with wood panelled interior walls and soaring ceilings, while the suites are identical in style to Amankora Gangtey.

Amankora Bumthang, Aman's latest addition to the pilgrimage is set exquisitely in orchards of apples and pears with a glorious, centred, aged peach tree. It is supremely placed between First and Second King's palace, Wangdichholing, within the town of Jakar in the Choskhor Valley, where fields of buckwheat, millet and potato, framed by apple orchards, merge into deepening forests of pine. The valley is flushed with a mystical aura, revealing revered houses of worship and ancient monasteries. Each of the 16 suites is warmed by a wood-burning bukhari stove and is similar in style and comfort to Amankora Paro, with magical views overlooking the courtyard, nearby palace and monastery.

Amankora's five nature-linked lodges, nestled along a path of edifying momentum, uncover the richness of a pristine cultural and biogenetic evolution, deeply entrenched in the spectacular Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. The journey begins and ends at Paro, completing a circular pilgrimage of enchanting spiritual reward.

A journey that gives travelling a reason, not just an excuse.

Sophie Marchant
Sophie Marchant

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