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Mid-Atlantic States

The 'typically American' region

Mid-Atlantic States
Mid-Atlantic States

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The Mid-Atlantic states of the United States of America are reknowned for the important role they have played in the creating the USA we know today. 

Made up of 8 different states, including the country's capital, Washington D.C., it is impossible to deny the pivotal positon that this collection of states play within the country as a whole. 

New York and Ellis Island was the gateway into the American Dream for thousands of immigrants looking for a better life. It is the diversity that this influx brought that creates the vibrant nature of this region, which easily seen in New York, but also across New Jersey, D.C. and Virginia. 

The I-95 and Northeast Corridor connects the megalopolis down the Altantic coastline, linking the major cities of Boston in Massachusetts, down through New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and finishing in Washington D.C. But the urban landscape of the Mid-Atlantic is only part of the story. 

Just over Chesapeake Bay from Washington D.C and Baltimore, Maryland offers a relaxing contrast to the hustle and bustle of the American metropolis. In the sleepy, yet exclusive town of St Michaels off the Miles river, you can find the 5-star The Inn at Perry Cabin. A testament to the Belmond name, The Inn offers elegant luxury and a picturesque setting for any stay.