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A castaway paradise


5-star hotel guide to Sumba

Sumba is an island in Eastern Indonesia, 300-kms and a 50-minute flight from Bali. The island is twice the size of Bali, but with a population of just 600,000 it has an entirely different feel.

While Sumba remains relatively tribal, fortunately, headhunting was phased out in the 60’s and the island is very hospitable to tourists. However, there are still many rituals and generational traditions practiced here with an animist Marapu religion, alongside Dutch Calvinist Christianity and a small minority of Catholic worshippers.

It feels a far cry from the colourful Hindu temples and neon bars of Bali, making it blissfully more remote.

Nihi , formerly known as the surfer’s paradise of Nihiwatu, is the only 5-star resort on the island, providing the ultimate in luxury where nature and nurture combine seamlessly.

There are 28 individually-styled villas designed along local architectural lines, all nestled discreetly amongst the lush tropical foliage. Spacious, chic and exquisitely appointed, they open up to the glorious starring role; the exquisite aquamarine ocean with jade breakers that roll onto a 2.5km crescent stretch of white sand.

Nihi’s tryst with nature on the edge of wildness provides an adventure for families, honeymooners, surfers and nature lovers, and there are few places on earth that offer such wondrous exclusivity in such captivating natural beauty.