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The Oberoi Lombok


In tune with nature amidst 24 acres of tropical gardens

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The Oberoi Lombok
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The Oberoi Lombok


Set in acres of tropical gardens, shimmering ocean and soft white sands along a private beach

Travel Information

1 hour 45 mins (79 km) from Lombok International Airport

Top Tips

Twelve villas have their own private pools in a secluded courtyard. Imagine a night dip with those stars above?

5-Star X-Factors

The private beach and the breathtaking stars at night

Getting Hot in Lombok

Lombok is the lesser-known neighbour of Bali, about 35km east of Bali's closest point. Inevitably the two are constantly compared, however, they are considerably different in almost every aspect: physically, culturally, linguistically and historically.

A brief overview

The majority of Lombok's 2.5 million inhabitants are Sasak people with only about 10 percent being Balinese. There is a feeling here that it is still untainted by tourism and that an unspoilt beach is not so hard to come by. The veneer of western influences is not really present here and, as a result, it is easy to grasp the charming character of Lombok within hours of arriving. There is an easy and amicable co-existence here between cultures, athough the Balinese remain mostly settled in the Western part of the Island, noticeably so, with their temples and architecture. There are also endless lush rainforests which are homes to unique wildlife, pink, gold, and black sand beaches, underwater coral gardens, ancient rice terraces, palatial ruins, tribal villages, and Buddhist and Hindu temples.

Outstanding Natural Beauty

To have it all in paradise you really need mountains, intense green vegetation, lakes, and unspoilt long white beaches with nearby live coral reefs crawling with spectacular sea-life; the final ingredient comes from the most important planet in our universe, the Sun. From Her you need year-round shine creating spectacular sunsets that streak the sky with rich warm mesmerizing reds. This unspoilt, and for many undiscovered, paradise is Lombok but the place to live out your wildest paradisiacal dreams in true style, is The Oberoi Lombok.


The Oberoi Lombok is situated on the Medana beach on the North West coast of the island facing the Gili Islands, renowned too for their natural beauty and coral reefs. The accommodation is set in tune with nature amidst 24 acres of tropical gardens to outstanding effect. It is here that I feel it apposite to offer a brief aide-memoir from my sister who stayed there last Christmas:
"As you come into the foyer you are mesmerized by an infinity pool which is back-dropped in the distance by an incredible volcano. The sea here is crystal clear and an amazing blue. The d├ęcor in our room was outstanding. It had a back-to-nature twist with a rustic feel that you really appreciate here. The rough linen curtains were edged with cowry shells and our bed was massive, and, every evening rose petals were strewn over the Sea Island cotton. The beach felt like it belonged to us, it was so private, and we swam around the Gili islands snorkelling among the coral and seeing an unbelievable array of sea life. What really got to my deepest core was sitting at night on the beach at our table with our feet in the sea (let alone the sand) and feeling that we could quite literally touch the Milky Way. Never before have stars sparkled and stood out like this; it was the clearest and most sensational night sky I have seen... and all this by the light of candles. The seafood from the barbecue, lobsters, crabs and so on was, without doubt, the best I have ever eaten and the service was just beyond; so warm and friendly and the general manager felt like an old friend by the time we left. Every morning the most adorable waiters laid out our basket of freshly baked bread and croissants on our terrace, from a wicker basket. We started each day like this, with sublime views, and ended each day knowing we had actually found paradise." Tessa Bailey

The Oberoi Lombok offers the following accommodation:

Luxury Villas

Thatched-roof villas with plenty of space in their own private garden with a rock pond and a raised pavilion for those sublime breakfasts and romantic dinners.

Luxury Villas with Pools

Twelve of these have their own private pools in a secluded courtyard. Imagine a night dip with those stars above? The Royal Villa has a luxurious living room, second garden and small kitchen.

Luxury Pavilions

Built in rows amidst the tropical foliage, these pavilions also offer interconnecting accommodation. They have a shaded terrace for dining and dreaming and the bedroom has either a massive king-size bed or twins. The air-conditioned bathroom is set in a private, walled garden with a sunken marble bath.

Needless to say, all the above accommodation comes with every conceivable 5 star necessity tucked discreetly behind its authentic aura.

Sophie Marchant
Sophie Marchant

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Luxury Explorer
Luxury Explorer
Luxury Explorer

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