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Indonesia's spiritual Island of Eden


Favourite 5-star hotels in Java

To many, Java is known as Indonesia’s Island of Eden. It is eye-wateringly lush - a veritable tropical paradise, rich in culture, where all manner of flora and fauna flourish in abundance and spiritual monuments abound.

It also has one of the longest records of human habitation of any place on earth and since the discovery of the ‘Java man’, (homo erectus) fossils; it has become an area of intense paleontological scrutiny.

But Java is not only an island of tropical superlatives, it is also rich in culture and houses one of the most stupendous monuments on earth: Borobudur. Sunrise atop the world’s largest Buddhist monument will remain in your mind’s eye for all time. Watch Sophie's video review of astonishing Amanjiwo to get a sense of Indonesia's spiritual splendours.