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A beachfront city


5-star hotel guide to Chennai

Chennai is India's health and safe haven with a glamourous and cosmopolitan edge.

Boasting the second largest municipality beachfront in the world, Chennai offers a seaside escape as well as the hustle and bustle of Indian city life. Marina Beach is a hub for locals and visitors alike, however Elliot's or Breezy Beach may be a better bet, if you are looking for somewhere a little quieter to escape the humidity.

The influence of British rule in Chennai begin with its founding as Madras by the East India company in 17th century. As with many of the big Indian cities, the evidence of colonial rule can still be seen in some of the architecture. The Pantheon Complex in Chennai, which now houses the Government Museum were the public assembly rooms under the British, are decidedly reminiscent of the Albert Hall in London, if on a somewhat smaller scale. The museum is a fasinating visit, covering a wide range of local histories including numismatics, zoology and a specifc Children's Museum.

Away from the beach and musuems, Chennai is a vibrant, busy city. The captial of Tamil Nadu, it is amongst the top four largest cities in the country and has also become know as the medical captial of South East Asia. With the influx of domestic and international health tourists, the city has seen an more glamourous injection to its infrasture as the luxury hotels, boutiques, restaurants and bars line the bustling streets. One such luxe property is the Taj Coromandel. Taking its name from the stunning coastline that runs as long this city's outer edge, this hotel has become a defining feature of the Chennai skyline and is a firm favourite of many a reknowned political figure.