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Château Eza


Charming, relaxed and yet polished, with a spectacular panorama of the Côte d'Azur

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Château Eza
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Château Eza


The medieval village of Eza, on the Côte d'Azur between Nice and Monaco

Travel Information

Nice Airport - 25 mins

Top Tips

Do not miss out on dining on the terrace of the Michelin-starred restaurant - an exceptional experience

5-Star X-Factors

Truly epic views of the Côte d'Azur


Escape to Eza
Daytripping in style


Escape to Eza
Daytripping in style

Escape to Eza

Château Eza is a sensational result using the finest ingredients from 12 centuries. The weather was on our side, as it so often is in this part of the world and, with views like this, the sun is a distinct advantage. Photographically you could not go wrong: every picture is a postcard, but actually being here is even more spectacular.

There is a peace and serenity at Château Eza that comes from both ancient walls – some over 1,000 years old – and perfected standards. If the view doesn't take your breath away then nothing will, and the additional bonus is that, door-to-door, it only took just over four hours. So, touching heaven, we reclined with bubbles in Lalique glasses and 'endured' too little time in Eza's cosseting cliff-side retreat.

Polished charm

It is utterly charming at Château Eza: captivating in a manner that is informal and relaxing yet extremely polished. Such a refreshing combination makes you feel comfortably spoilt. The modern tweaks inside the old buildings of the reception area have been skilfully and stylishly incorporated, besides, there is no protocol that presupposes a 'type' of style in these magnificent fortified buildings.

It is almost a little snazzy up here, which, of course, is appropriate for this part of the world, and the slickness and zing set against the patina of the ancient, with drop-dead-gorgeous views, works wonderfully. It is magical staying at Château Eza; special in a way that really does leave you longing for more when you leave.

The Suite Royal

With 1,300 feet beneath us, an outstanding vista of the French Riviera, and a free-standing bath with Jacuzzi in our exquisitely-decorated boudoir with Louis XV-style armchairs on a wonderfully worn parquet floor, we had little room left for any faux pas.

Great service is not a simple achievement: if it's too ingratiating it feels overworked and, if it is undersold, you can feel unwelcome. The real balance is somewhere between the two and the skill of perfecting this lies in its authenticity. The service here is genuine.

Dining in dreamland

Chef Axel Wagner, taken from one of France's most acclaimed kitchens, that of George Blanc in Vonnas, heads up the Michelin-starred Restaurant Château Eza. The food is innovative, creative and worthy of another star. Sitting on the terrace, overlooking the mountains and sea, it felt as if you were on the edge of the world, but there was absolutely no way you wanted to get off. It's no wonder that Prince William of Sweden chose Château Eza as his home for creative inspiration.

The village of Eze is incredibly old, steeped in every sense of the word with a comfortable and simple charm. No designer labels and no malice. A walk up to the gardens of Eze offers a sweeping rooftop view and exposes the fascinating topography.

Beneath the orange-tiled rooftops are some houses with foundations dating back to the Iron Age; the majority were built in a limestone known as La Turbie extracted from the nearby quarry of St Lawrence d'Eza which was carried back by the faithful mule from the 9th Century. Today, there are no cars or mules, only locals and some very awe-struck tourists.

We left feeling that, without any doubt, we would return for so many spectacular reasons, but a good excuse would be to dine once more to that view. To enjoy a meal in such a spectacular setting is an occassion to treasure for a lifetime. 


Sophie Marchant
Sophie Marchant

Daytripping in style

This has to be one of the best located hotels for fantastic views anywhere in the cosmos. Château Eza is not just a luxury hotel, it is a monument to surviving historical architecture. Built over 400 years ago within the walls of the picturesque 9th Century village of Eze, this hillside castellation is a visual feast; and the food is pretty spectacular as well. From here the scenery is heavenly, and you don't have to drive miles from the airport to get to 'God's Window'.

Apart from having the most staggering mountainside location, Château Eza is also superbly positioned for excellent day trips. The village of Eza is situated on the Moyenne Corniche between Nice and Monaco while Nice airport is only 18km away. This area of the Côte d'Azur is a notorious playground for celebrities and zillionaires, but us mere mortals can still enjoy it all in parallel style at the beautiful  château.

When you arrive at the outskirts of the medieval village of Eze, you realise that cars were never accommodated during the modernisation of this retreat, allowing of course for beauty to remain unspoilt. After leaving the car and luggage at the donkey station on the edge of the village, you then make your way on foot. All very 9th Century, so loafers or trainers are recommended. Château Eza is built into the ancient village walls and once you enter into the magical world beyond, you are struck by its staggering location with panoramic views over the Côte d'Azur below.

Enjoying Eze

There are plenty of things to see in this enchanting, ancient village; Roman archways, exotic gardens, ruins of the old castle, The Chapel of the White Monks, the exquisite local church, the Cheminde Nietzsche - an ancient footpath connecting the old village with the sea, an eclectic array of little boutiques stacked with local delicacies in Flintstone-style caves.

This quaint beach is situated in the Bay of Eze, between Beaulieu and Cap d'Ail. Anjuna is a fabulous beach restaurant with a great chef and movie-style cocktail bar. Both lunch and supper are served here providing quite different and enchanting experiences.

Days out

Monaco is a very exciting and spectacular venue for indulgence: it glitters with seven centuries of dynastic monarchical history. The International Tennis Championships in April are a great event in Monaco and there is always time for a little gambling and a lot of shopping. The Grand Prix in May is, of course, mayhem but for some, an annual pilgrimage. For a meal of a lifetime, there is Alain Ducasse's three Michelin-starred Le Louis XV. But, if it's tapas and champagne, sitting amongst fame and celebrities that excites you, you must head for the Sea Lounge.

A day out on the buzzing Promenade de la Croisette in Cannes, a path well trodden by Oscar winners and wanabees, is great fun. The boutiques are fabulous and beaches make up perhaps the most famous stretch of the Côte d'Azur. A meal at La Palme d’Or, the two Michelin-starred restaurant in the Martinez, could keep you occupied and satiated. It overlooks the promenade and offers an array of finger-clinging crustacea to enjoy with a glass or three of something spectacular.

You may feel, however, that you simply want to stay in Eze and not leave the magical ambiance that has filled the air for several centuries.

Sophie Marchant
Sophie Marchant

Luxury Explorer
Luxury Explorer