Spa facilities are available at all Amankora lodges. The Amankora Spa incorporates Bhutan’s physical healing traditions and its extensive pharmacology, all based on the use of plants and herbs.

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Incorporating the Himalayan region’s traditional plant- and herb-based therapies into its spa menu, the Amankora Spa deepens guests’ experience and appreciation of Bhutan’s unique natural and cultural resources. Through smell, touch, hearing, sight and taste, the Amankora Spa strives to capture a sensation which is wholly Bhutanese. The scent of the Spa is cedarwood, which is used as temple incense by the Tibetans and is employed in Bhutan’s traditional medical remedies for respiratory, skin and arthritic conditions, and as a circulatory stimulant and relaxant.

At Amankora Paro, the relaxation and sauna rooms feature local timber and glass walls, which filter the light of the surrounding blue pine forest. The Spa’s signature treatment is a Traditional Hot Stone Bath and Tibetan Ku Nye Massage. Hot Stone Bath is a traditional Bhutanese treatment, where natural river stones are heated and lowered into the bath to release beneficial minerals, while the local Khempa herb infuses the water with its healing properties. The bath is followed by your choice of 60 minutes balancing Tibetan Ku Nye massage, based on the ancient Tibetan medical traditions with warm oil applied on specific points and the joints to release energy blocks and to relieve stress or tension. This signature treatment combines two of the most authentic spa experiences from the Himalayan region. 

Amankora Thimphu spa signature treatment is a Hot Oil Head Massage, based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda. Warmed coconut oil nourishes the hair and scalp, while the back, neck and shoulders are massaged to increase relaxation. Deep thumb pressure, soothing strokes and the warmth of the oil help reduce tension, improve circulation and flush out physical and emotional toxins.

The Spa at Amankora Punakha offers therapeutic massages and facials. The signature treatment is a Holistic Facial, suitable for men or women. The therapist’s skilled hands, combined with pure and locally-sourced products such as home-made yoghurt, Bumthang honey and oranges, provide a natural way to deeply nourish and repair the skin. Helping to rebalance and clarify the complexion, the treatment also incorporates a pressure point massage which promotes lymphatic drainage and leaves skin glowing.

At Amankora Gangtey, the signature spa treatment is a Foot reflexology. It is a specific pressure applied to points on the feet, which stimulates self healing. All the energy meridians and organs of the body are reflected in the pressure points of the foot, therefore massaging a specific part of the foot releases blocked energy and stress. This signature treatment is recommended after a long hike and designed to maintain a balance between mind and body by optimizing the blood circulation and energy flow, strengthening the immune system and promoting wellbeing.

The Spa at Amankora Bumthang specializes in the signature Zen Massage. It is a balance between dynamic stretches and pressure points stimulation, followed by soothing oil massage techniques to enhance blood circulation, release toxins and increase joint flexibility.
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